03 March

The Temple With The Largest Garden Tower In Vietnam

This is the temple of Bo Da (Viet Yen - Bac Giang) - one of the unique pagodas of Kinh Bac area. This is the place of visit and worship of many delegations of pilgrims from the nation and the foreign country.

The great Buddhist center of Lam Te zen

Located right at the foot of Phuong Hoang Mount, one part of the territory of Viet Yen District, Bac Giang province, Bo Da Temple is one of the major Buddhist centers of Lam Te zen.

Lam Te zen is one widely influential zen. Every year, a lot of monks and followers come here to go into meditation. The pagoda has a unique architecture and is different from the traditional temples in the North of Vietnam. This unique architecture creates a monumental, secluded, scared appearance.

The rich heritage of Han Nom

Originally built in the Le dynasty, there are a lot of valuable documents, artifacts, and antiquities valued in terms of culture, history architecture and arts.

With a system of 18 buildings along the vertical line and nearly one hundred continuous spaces, the harmonious architectural layout is built with materials, such as bricks, tiles, walls covered with the unique earth.

Besides, Bo Da Temple also preserves a treasure of Han Nom heritage which is rich in the number, types. In addition to stone steles, brass bells, there are hundreds of majoram books, Buddhist law.

Especially, the pagoda also preserves the oldest Buddhist scriptures of Vietnam which were carved in the wood. The scriptures are formed from the ideas of the Patriarchs, who also built the temple. They want to have a set of Buddhist scriptures to teach. These are the precious relics which left to the later generations. Of which, there are more than 2.000 wood-blocks of the scriptures, such as: Lang Nghiem chinh mach, Yet ma hoi ban, Nam hai ky quy…

However, unlike the Buddhist wood-blocks at Vinh Nghiem Pagoda (just passed the first round of UNESCO to become a cultural heritage of humanity), the wood-blocks of Bo Da Temple is considered to be unique and own some which are older than ones at Vinh Nghiem Pagoda.

Therefore, wood-blocks of Bo Da Temple completely have enough conditions to submit to the United Nations Organization to consider to be recognized as the documentary heritage of the World.

The unique towers

In addition, with an ancient tower garden, which stores the relics, the bone-ash of the monks and nuns, with nearly 100 towers, the garden of the towers is considered the most beautiful and largest in Vietnam. The graveyard towers are lined up, layered and built according to the separate rules and very strict regulations of the meditation.

Not only the largest garden tower in the country, Bo Da Temple also has many unique features such as walls, gates and some other buildings which are built entirely of the clay, creating a very calm look and closing to the countryside of the Hong River Delta.