03 March

Tips For Traveling To Huong Pagoda

Huong Son pagoda, also known as Huong Pagoda, is a population of pagodas located in Huong Son Commune, My Duc District, and Hanoi City. This is a famous pagoda of the North because it is not only sacred but also located in the beautiful natural scenery.

When coming here, you can pray for peace, enjoy the scenes as well as enjoy the pagoda’s interesting specialty. And now, I will share you some experiences when traveling to Huong Pagoda.

Some attractive destinations at Huong Pagoda: Yen Stream

In Huong Son, the Yen stream is considered as one of the best experiences during the trip you should pay a visit. The road of Yen stream is about 65km. in order to enjoy the beauty of the stream fully; you should visit it in the autumn.

At that time, the sky is clear, outlined against the cool water of the stream, along with the gentle pink color of thousands of the water lily which blossom along the way. On both sides of the road, the trees are changing their leaves, quiet, gentle and all will surely make you immerse with the scenery here.

The specialties of Huong Pagoda

When visiting Huong Pagoda, there are some specialties for you to enjoy. Here you can eat “rau sang”, one kind of the vegetable, or the dishes cooked from “rau sang”. This vegetable just lives in the Huong Son area. In addition, there is the wild apricot fruit in the summer, which is crunchy and sweet.

What to prepare when traveling Huong Pagoda?

- Clothes, umbrellas on rainy days
- Slippers or sporty shoes to walk or climb conveniently
- Food
- Preparation of the festive gifts: gold, incense, betel nut, wine, fruit, candies, changes.

You can come there to buy above items but due to the characteristics of the river transport, the price is higher than normal. So to save money and can choose the best items, you should bring them from home.

Notes when going on the ferry:

Around the Yen stream area, there are many people sticking with you recommend going the ferry, you should not follow them to go straight to Duc Station. Let’s come to the ticket office to buy tickets. When buying, you also should ask the maximum number of guests on a boat to avoid being stuck guests. You also should give tip money to the driver.

Notes when going shopping at Huong Pagoda

- For souvenirs and specialties, you should bargain for the price, check the amount and the valid date.
- For the products such as medicine or the health care products, let’s consider before buying because they have not been tested.

Small tips for traveling to Huong Pagoda

- You should bring a few items to enter the temple ceremony. They can use them to make the food. Avoid eating here because of the price.
- Wearing clothes gently, do not make noise or using the bad words.
- Not wearing too tight shoes or clothes to be easy to move.